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Consular/Business Travel Management & Luxurious Vacations

We deliver travel management services of the highest quality for the most discerning of clients, and specialize in consular and business travel needs, with a very high-quality vacation travel offering.

The staff at SCANTRAVEL are the dependable experts Ambassadors and CEOs rely upon when they need themselves, their teams, and their families, moved around the world. We are the masters of discretion, coordination, and human logistics, with a track record of superlative service that is second to none.

We professionally manage your travel experience from inception to completion, including your itinerary, travel booking, ancillary services, and accommodations, to your exacting specifications and special requirements.

Contact us today with your consular, corporate, or vacation travel requirements.

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“After more than 40 years as an executive traveler, I have a very demanding profile. I couldn’t have found a better partner!”  

Lasse V. Syversen, President, Flagship Trade Net, Inc.